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About Us

Founded by a collective of Canadian vehicle and transportation market stakeholders in 2020, the Canadian Transportation Alliance (CTA) is a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization that aims to deliver objective, fact-based, third-party research to help educate government bodies, consumers, and business stakeholders on pathways to achieve a low carbon transportation future.

A public-private coalition: Working Constructively

By joining forces, our members are demonstrating the benefits of taking a unified, objective approach to studying all the viable, nimble and long-term, enviro-economic opportunities and challenges that affect the Canadian transportation market.

Members: CTA Membership

The CTA is made up of two membership groups, Associate members and Full Advisory members, from a diverse cross-section of the transportation market to ensure our work from conception to publication is fair, unbiased, and consensus-based.
• Academic
• Alternative and Renewable Producers and Providers
• Automotive Manufacturers
• Business and Industry Associations
• Consumer Organizations
• Environmental Organizations
• Government Bodies
• Indigenous Peoples
• Technology and Equipment Providers
• Traditional Producers, Retailers, Distributors and Refiners

Founding Members

Advisory and Associate Members


Research Partner 

Our Mandate

To guide the provision and communication to stakeholders, the results of fact-based research that explores economic and environmentally sustainable solutions for Canadian vehicles and transportation
markets to achieve a low carbon future that all Canadians can benefit from.

Our Approach


Today, more than ever before, there is increasing global regulatory focus on reducing fuel-based economies in favour of alternative and environmentally sustainable products.

In Canada, federal and provincial governments alike are feeling ongoing pressure from citizens struggling to reconcile economic stability with environmental security. As a result, climate change and greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions have become staples of policy and political platforms across all party lines.

The Canadian Transportation Alliance (CTA) was founded as an opportunity to strengthen the relationship between government and the transportation and fuel sectors and bridge the gap between sector supply, consumer demands and government environmental policy.

The concept for the CTA was formed in partnership with The Fuels Institute, a US based, not-for-profit research organization, who have proven success in creating a non-advocacy-based model, where research projects in the transportation space are performed impartially and independently.

By helping decision-makers compile fact-based, unbiased cross-sector data and research, the Canadian Transportation Alliance is able to inform a pragmatic approach that will ensure long-term, enviro-economic prosperity for domestic transportation sectors, while advancing opportunities for growth and long-term job creation.

To become a member or for more information on membership, reach out to our Executive Director, Michelle Coates Mather:

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